JR WOLF Rewind



Lo-Fi AM Gold at it’s finest. Straight Forward American Electric Blues Rock. The guitars scream and the bass thumps. Ornery and In Your Face!

The vocals, rhythm guitar and drums were recorded live to capture the raw sound we wanted for this one. We used a ribbon mic in between the guitar amp and the drums to add an extra layer of that rugged room noise.

“Rewind” — a really good, but short, rock song that brought to mind the Queens of the Stone Age with great guitar parts and a soaring solo.” —  Jeff Cavanaugh, sarabozich.com


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Well I been thinkin’ ‘bout it
I been movin’ ’round here
I don’t know what to do
Things aint getting too clear
I used to love you baby
You used to be my sweet thing
You still love me baby
It’s a crying shame

Well I can’t figure it out
No, not a little bit
I ‘s the only one born to this life
And I’m the only one living it
So how the hell you goin’
To come around and tell me how to live?
How the hell you goin’?
I can’t figure it, no

Written by J.R. Wolfe

J.R. Wolfe – Vocals, Guitar
Martin Chaudhry – Guitar
Derek Euston – Bass
Pat Beseker – Drums

Recording Engineer: Derek Euston
Mixed and Edited by: Derek Euston and J.R. Wolfe
Recorded, Mixed and Edited at: The Green Room, Harrisburg, PA
Mastering Engineer: Greg Calbi
Mastered at:  Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Produced by:  J.R. Wolfe

Published by:  Man at the Bottom Publishing

Image Design: J.R. Wolfe


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